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leden 17, 2022 news_website

New AI solution for image search (the AI solution is on the tool image search)


Searching for images of trade marks and designs over the years has always been a challenge. As part of the EUIPO’s digital transformation programmes (in particular, the Digital Evolution Programme), the Office has released its first in-house image search tool. It was made available via eSearch plus, on 29 November 2021.

This places the Office in a strategic position within the field of IP search capabilities. Searching figurative marks is one of the biggest challenges in the IP world. Having an advanced AI based image search algorithm, which can be combined with other IP rights attributes, will further improve our ability to harness our in-house IP expertise.

And, in the spirit of cooperation while building on the success of this first version, the EUIPO plans to implement it in its flagship tools, TMview and DesignView. This will give the users the option to search by image in the world’s largest trade mark and design databases. The EUIPO will also offer the service to other IP offices in the European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN). Those offices will be able to use the image search functionality with their own systems. Not only will this lead to increased efficiency and a reduction of costs for participating IP offices, it will also further re-enforce our close collaborative ties, something the EUIPO values, greatly.

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