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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

Bank transfers

Most banks use a third-party bank for foreign payments and do not always transmit all the relevant information to the third-party bank. Therefore, please clearly instruct your bank to include this data with the transfer.

Please ask your bank whether it, or any third-party bank it uses, charges a transfer fee. If so, do ensure that the full amount is transferred to our account. We have instructed our banks not to charge any fees.

Finally, do make your payment on time. Most fees have to be paid within a certain time limit. We recommend that you instruct payment at least 10 days before the time limit expires to ensure that it arrives on time. If it does not arrive on time, your right is at risk.


The basic fee for the application of your trade mark

The filing date marks the birth of your trade mark. The sooner you obtain it, the better. If you want the application submission date to become the filing date, the basic fee of EUR 850 (including one class) must be received by one of our bank accounts within one month of the application date. If we receive the money later than this, the date on which the money reaches our account will become the filing date (provided that all other conditions for obtaining a filing date are met). Do bear in mind also that we do not issue a request for payment. It is up to you to make sure that we receive the money on time.


The opposition fee

The EUR 320 fee needs to be received by one of our bank accounts within the opposition period, i.e. within three months of publication of the trade mark that you want to oppose. Otherwise, your opposition will not be admissible.

For further clarification, please see our recommendations concerning payments by bank transfer.

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