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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


You will receive official EUIPO communications in this section


Click on the envelope icon Communications icon in the Communications tab, which is on the left-hand sidebar.

There are four tabs in the Communications section of the User Area:

  • New — new communications are received here.

  • Pending — communications are stored here for later.

  • Sent — communications that have been successfully sent can be viewed here.

  • Archive — communications are stored here for future use.

Note: communications stored in the Archive and Sent tabs are automatically deleted after 30 days. If you wish to view them after this time, please go to detailed file view in eSearch plus.

  • Actions' tabs

    Below is a list of action tabs and their functions.

    Click on 'Filter' to open a drop-down menu. Choose the filters you want to apply or create new ones. If you want to remove a filter, click on the bin icon Bin icon

    Move to
    Communications can be moved to another tab. Select the one you want to move, click on the 'Move to' button and choose from the options Pending or Archive.

    Send to
    You can 'Send to' or 'Forward' communications to the recipient of your choice (one at a time). Click on the checkbox on the left-hand side of the row in the table; then, click on 'Send to' and choose from the options 'My email' or 'Other email'.

    Your email address is automatically filled in when you choose 'My email'.

    Enter the recipient's email address when choosing 'Other email'.

    Click the 'Download' button and tick the boxes to generate a compressed file (ZIP format) of your selected communications.

    Correspondence alternative


    This tab is to be used only where there is no online form available on the EUIPO website or the eComm coming from the EUIPO does not contain an eReply buttonbutton.

    Before using the Correspondence alternative, make sure that the form is not available among the ‘online services’ or that the EUIPO eComm does not contain an eReply buttonbutton. The ‘Correspondence alternative’ tab is subject to terms and conditions that you must accept.

    Once you have sent your communication by ‘Correspondence alternative‘ an electronic acknowledgement of receipt of your submitted document will be provided in the form of a ‘confirmation of submission’ in the ‘Sent’ tab of the User Area.

    An example of an acceptable communication would be a request for inclusion on the list of professional representatives in trade mark or design matters. Such a request can be sent to the EUIPO by Correspondence alternative.

  • Preview & download communications

    Communications can be previewed and downloaded in a pop-up window accessed via this icon Download icon on the right-hand side of the row in the table.

    Note: you must have the Adobe Acrobat plugin installed to preview the PDF in the pop-up window.

  • View in eSearch plus

    Click on this icon View icon next to a communication to open eSearch plus in a new tab.

  • Keep track of your communications

    Click on this icon View icon to consult every detail regarding the actions carried out in your communications.

  • Quick search field

    Click on the magnifying glass Search icon in the top right-hand search box to search in your communications. The search will only generate results from the tab you have selected (New, Pending, Sent or Archive).

  • Reply to communications

    Click on the 'Reply' button next to your communication Pending reply button You will be redirected to eSearch plus detailed view where you can view the file's information. Different reply options are available. When you select your reply, a communication form will pop up. When you reply you will see the button next to the communication in the Communications menu turns green Replied button

    Note: the 'Reply' button turns green only when a communication is replied to from your Communications page in the User Area. If you reply to a communication away from your User Area, the button remains orange.

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