Finalist: Industry Award

DesignEuropa Awards


Bicycle rack

RCD owner and manufacturer: Escofet 1886, SA

Designer: Gerard Arqué and Martin Caneda

RCD Number: 002225276-0001

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Every day, in cities across the globe, cyclists lock their bikes to a design that has its roots in Barcelona and its basis in modern urban technology.

The Raval bicycle rack, manufactured by Escofet and designed by Gerard Arqué (based in Barcelona) and Martin Caneda (based in Berlin), takes its name from one of Barcelona’s best known suburbs, and is made out of UHPC concrete which has been acid-etched and waterproofed.

It is thin and durable at the same time, and provides secure three-point support for two bicycles.

This design was appreciated by the jury for the quality of its RCD filing and its basis of inclusiveness, empathy and sustainability. The company was also commended as a good user of the RCD system.

The Raval is the latest in a line of innovative urban design products from Escofet, which collaborates with designers and architects in product development as a matter of course.

Escofet have been a part of Barcelona’s heritage and history since 1886. In 1906, the company created the hexagonal tiles that adorn the interior of Antonio Gaudi’s Pedrera building, and their designs for paving, street furniture and other urban solutions have graced the city ever since.

Escofet began to internationalise in 1980, and since then has opened markets all across the EU, the USA, Japan and other countries. The company considers that the Raval has been instrumental in opening new geographic markets.











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