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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund 2022

Call for proposals – GR/001/22 (Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund)

Funding through the SME Fund call for proposals is supported by the European Commission and the EUIPO, taking the form of IP vouchers that will co-finance IP-related activities (IP Scan, trade mark and design protection within and outside the EU) and Patent-related activities.

On this page you will find:

  • the call for proposals and annexes;
  • the timetable for submission, evaluation and notification of results;
  • access to questions and answers;
  • the link to access the SME FUND website where detailed information and access to the application form are available.


Call for proposals 

We strongly recommend that you read the official information about this call for proposals before sending in your application form. You can download it in the box below. Please remember that to apply for this scheme, your business must fit the official definition of a small and medium enterprise.

Check the European Commission’s User Guide to the SME definition (available in all EU languages) if you have any doubts.


Download PDF

Please note that the authoritative source of information is the English version. If there is any conflict between the translated versions and the English version, the latter takes precedence



The amendment relates to the increase of the budget related to Voucher 1 by EUR 10 000 000 to a maximum amount of EUR 25 000 000.

The adjustment to the call for proposals are presented in the amendment.

Download PDF


Annexes to the call for proposals 

List of maximum amounts by EU country for IP SCAN Show Hide

Download PDF

Updated with the inclusion of Cyprus from 01/04/2022


Exclusion situations Show Hide

List of exclusion situations as stated in Article 136(1) a to h of the Financial Regulation.

Download PDF


Declaration for representatives Show Hide

Representative: Any third party, natural or legal person, who is duly authorised by the SME to legally represent it in the present procedure and fills in the eForm and submits it on behalf on the applicant.

If SME intends to use an external representative to submit the application, this declaration must be filled in, signed and then provide to the representative so that he/she may upload it with the application and submit it on the applicant’s behalf.

Download DOCX


Model of grant decision (Voucher) Show Hide

The Voucher will be concluded through an Office decision (Grant decision), so a model is made available for applicant’s information.

Grant Decision - VOUCHER 1

Download PDF


Grant Decision - VOUCHER 2

Download PDF


General Conditions

Download PDF



Timetable and rules

The call for proposals will be opened according to the provisional timeframe below:

Call submission period

from 10/01/2022 to 16/12/2022

Evaluation of the submitted applications during the period

weekly cut-off: every Friday

Evaluation and notification period

10 working days from cut-off


The weekly cut-off means that all the applications submitted during the preceding week will go through the evaluation step.

In the event that the Office contacts the applicant during the evaluation process to request complementary information, suspension of the evaluation and notification period takes effect on the date the Office sends the request. The period resumes from the date on which the requested information or revised documents are received.

Applicants will be notified individually about the results of the evaluation process by email to the contact persons provided in the eForm. Therefore, it is responsibility of the applicant to submit the correct email address of the contact person(s).

This notification will contain for:

  • Unsuccessful applicants: the reasons for the negative decision;
  • Successful applicants: the confirmation of the positive decision and a copy of the Grant Decision (VOUCHER) as attachment. In case, you have applied for Voucher 1 and Voucher 2 you will receive two separate grant decisions, one per Voucher.

Keep in mind that Vouchers are not retroactive, costs for activities executed before getting the the grant decision cannot be reimbursed.

Should all the funds be used before the end of the call submission period, the online application system (eForm) will be closed and applicants will be informed accordingly on the SME FUND website.

Questions and answers

Any specific questions related to this call must be addressed to the EUIPO Information Centre at:


Please first consult the FAQs section since the Office will use it to regularly publish answers to any questions submitted, in order to ensure all potential applicants are treated equally.


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