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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


An application for inspection may be made by the European Union trade mark (EUTM) applicant/owner, the registered Community design (RCD) applicant/holder or the representative of either of those parties at any time during or after the registration procedure.

For more information, please consult our Guidelines on trade marks and designs.

Any third party may apply for inspection of files, provided that:

  • the file documents for which inspection is sought do not concern the exclusion of a member of the EUIPO's staff or an objection to their taking part in proceedings.
  • the file documents for which inspection is sought are not documents used for preparing decisions and opinions.
  • the file documents for which inspection is sought are not labelled confidential. If they are, the applicant for inspection must prove that they have a legitimate and overriding interest in obtaining inspection.
  • the EUTM application has been published in Part A of the European Union Trade Marks Bulletin, or the RCD is not awaiting deferred publication. If the EUTM application is still awaiting publication, or publication of the RCD has been deferred, the applicant for inspection can nevertheless obtain inspection by providing evidence that:
    1. the EUTM or RCD applicant has consented to the inspection;
    2. the EUTM or RCD applicant has stated that, after registration of the mark or design, they will invoke the rights under it against the person requesting the inspection.
  • Type of document(s) request

    Certified copy
    A 'certified' copy is one bearing a verification code, that can be validated with the verify certified copies tool. Certified copies are usually required for official use.

    Simple (uncertified) copy
    Simple copies can also be requested. These are normally for information only. Before requesting an inspection of file, please make sure that the document is not available online via eSearch plus or via the Inspection online form.

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