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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

International Application forms

Since 1st October 2004, it is possible to file an international application or a subsequent designation on a basis of a European Union trade mark (EUTM) or EUTM application.


The International Application Form

It is compulsory to use an official form (Articles 183 and 184 EUTMR, Article 65 EUTMDR and Article 28 EUTMIR), either provided by the Office, or by the International Bureau. An international application can be filed online:

File an International Application online

In order to file an international application, a transmittal fee of EUR 300 must be paid to EUIPO. All the other fees relating to international applications must be paid directly to WIPO. Any international application payments sent to EUIPO will be returned to applicants. You can find further information on payments in WIPO's Payment of Fees section.

For further information on filing international applications where EUIPO is the Office of Origin, reference is made to the Guidelines, Part M, International Marks



The Subsequent Designation Form

It is compulsory to use the official form that is, either:

  • For English, French or Spanish — use the corresponding WIPO form (MM4).
  • For the other 20 official languages (except Irish) — use the EUIPO form (EM4). This has the same content and almost the same layout as the WIPO form (MM4).

The Fee Calculation Sheet (PDF, Word) is considered an essential part of the subsequent designation. If it is not completed in the correct language (i.e. the language in which the international application is to be transmitted to the WIPO) and attached to the EM4, the WIPO will consider the application to be irregular.


International Application and Subsequent Designation Forms when the EU is designated (EUIPO as Designated Office)

Since 1 October 2004, it is possible to designate the European Union, using WIPO Forms

  • MM2 (Application for International Registration (IR) exclusively governed by the Madrid Protocol).

  • MM4 (Designation subsequent to the IR).

These forms have been modified by WIPO to allow in particular the indication of a second language different from the first one among the four remaining ones of EUIPO when the EU is designated.

As regards seniority claimed in the International Application (IA), a separate form has been created to be annexed, to the IA designating the European Union or to the subsequent designation of the European Union

  • MM17 (Claim of Seniority- European Union).


Application for Conversion of an International Registration (‘IR') designating the EU

For all types of conversion, the completed form (notes) has to be sent directly to EUIPO in Alicante.

Since the 'opting back', type of conversion is treated by WIPO as a subsequent designation, in this type of conversion all fees relating to the subsequent designation(s) will have to be paid directly to WIPO.

WIPO Fee Calculation Sheet (PDF, Word) should therefore be enclosed, in the language of the IR.


Application for Division of an International Registration (‘IR') designating the EU

Since 1 February 2019, it is possible to request a division of the EU designation in an International registration.
It is compulsory to use the Official Wipo Form MM22 (including the corresponding fee calculation sheet) available in EnglishFrenchSpanish.

The form must be submitted to EUIPO in the language of the IR. Since Wipo form does not foresee the indication of the goods and services which are to remain in the original registration, it is required to add an additional page to the form with this indication in conformity with Articles 8 and 11 EUTMIR.

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