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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

Manage all my lists

This part of the system saves the lists that you have created in the Builder. If you are working with multiple lists, this tool helps you to manage, edit and reuse them. The Administrator also raises awareness of the latest changes to the HDB, promotes Fast Track and includes the option to propose terms for inclusion in the monthly term revision.

Within the Administrator you have three important Action tabs:

  • My list

    here, you can see all the created lists of goods and services and their details, for example, List Name, Language, Classes, HDB Compliance, Last updates and Actions.

    The Actions you can take are the following.

    Lets you know that one of your terms has changed in the HDB and refers you to the Latest changes in HDB tab

    Opens the Goods & Services Builder so that you can edit it.

    Downloads the selected list – click on Download to save your list as an external document on your computer. From the pop-up box select your preferred format (.txt or .csv) for the download and where you want to see it on your computer. Please note that in order to be able to download you need to be a registered user. If you have not already registered, you will receive an invitation to sign up.

    Export to e-filing (in the Advanced form or in the Five-step form) – select this to export a G&S list to e-filing. Then, select your preferred e-filing method to export – either the Advanced form or the Five-step form.

    Delete list – click on this to permanently delete your list.

    Expand the list’s content and add or edit notes if preferred.

    You can create a new list using the tab , which will automatically direct you to the Goods & Services Builder

    You can effectuate a quick search on your list.

    Or, if you are handling multiple lists you can ask the Administrator to show you a certain number of lists per page.


  • Latest changes in HDB

    in this section you can check the latest changes to the HDB and update your terms if needed. The Harmonised Database is updated monthly to evolve with the market and the needs of users. Each update follows a majority vote from the classification experts of every participating harmonised office. In this overview you can see which terms were added and which ones were deleted in March 2015.


  • My suggested terms

    click here to make a suggestion for a term that you would like to find in the HDB. You can propose up to five terms per month and check their statuses here.

    Once you have submitted a suggestion for a term you will be able to check its status in the . In the first instance, your suggestion is reviewed by our classification experts, who will decide whether the term can be proposed for approval or whether it is considered invalid. Following approval, the EU trade mark offices will take a final vote to either accept the term or reject it.


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