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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

Online request form

This section explains how to fill in the online request forms for inspection, recordal, renewal, conversion and change of representative.

To access the online forms you need to be logged in.

There are several ways to access them:

  • Via the User area's 'Online Services' tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard.
  • Via the 'Online Services' box in EUIPO's homepage.
  • Via eSearch plus.
  • Accessing the online forms via eSearch plus

    Open the detailed view of the trade mark, design or international registration that you want to review by clicking on its name in the header row.

    Navigate to the ‘Actions and communications' section and choose European Union trade mark (EUTM), registered Community design (RCD) or international registration (IR) depending on whether you are searching for a trade mark, design or international registration.

    Use the following options to open the online request forms.

    • Inspection
    • Recordal
    • Renewal
    • Change of representative
    • Conversion
  • Languages and registration number

    Application for EU trade marks or Registered Community designs
    If the request you wish to make involves a European Union trade mark (EUTM) or registered Community design (RCD) that is still at the application stage (i.e. has not yet been registered), you must use the first or second language of the application, which must be one of the official languages of the European Union.

    Registered EU trade marks or Registered Community designs
    If the request involves an EU trade mark or Community design that is already registered, you must use one of the five official EUIPO languages (Spanish, German, English, French or Italian).

    Application/registration number
    For every recordal application, you must indicate the application or registration number(s) of the industrial property right(s) involved by importing or searching for it/them in the relevant section. If you wish to apply for recordals that affect both types of industrial property right (EU trade mark and RCD), you should request them separately.

  • Requester

    ID number
    If the requester has previously been allocated an ID number by EUIPO, it is sufficient to indicate that ID number together with the proprietor's name/representative's name.
    Otherwise, the requester must identify themselves by their name, address and nationality/country of registration.

    This is the personal reference that the requester would like EUIPO to use in future correspondence with them. References can consist of up to 30 alphanumeric characters, using roman: a-z, A-Z, 0-9. Do not use spaces.

    For any queries you might have regarding your trade mark, however, please use the official EUIPO reference. Your personal reference will only be used in relation to your request, not as a substitute for the one corresponding to the EU trade marks or designs involved in the request.

    Type of requester
    The request should indicate whether the requester is a company (legal entity) or a physical (natural) person.

    Correspondence address
    The postal/correspondence address need only be given if it is different from the official address.

  • Assignee or right beneficiary

    If the requester is the assignee or right-holder and does NOT have a seat, domicile, principal place of business or real and effective industrial or commercial establishment within the European Union, they must appoint a professional representative to act on their behalf before EUIPO (see the Guidelines for more details).

  • Goods and services

    Where a recordal application only involves some of the goods and services covered by the registration or application in question, you should state which goods and services you want the recordal to cover.

  • Signature

    The online form must be signed and the name of the signatory (requester) indicated. Otherwise EUIPO will not be able to process it.

    Where the representative appointed by the original proprietor is also appointed as representative of the assignee or beneficiary, the representative may sign the request both on behalf of the original and the new proprietor.

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