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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

Route to registration

Owning a registered design gives you and your competitors a clear indication of what has been designed and when it was done. The right is renewable for up to 25 years and can become your company's iconic asset. Your design is your IP signature.


Good design adds value. Registered Community designs make it real.


There are three crucial pieces of information on the application form

  • Ownership - any individual or company can own an RCD. The details are made public and must be kept up to date so that there can be no doubt who owns the design
  • What can be a registered Community design - this must be a clear representation
  • The design and its product(s) - this should be described clearly, preferably using the terminology of the internationally agreed 'Locarno' classification of products. If the indication of product cannot be found in the Locarno classification, our examiner may request you either to specify the nature and purpose of the designated product or to change the indication of product

Apply for a Community design online from €350

Register your design
Fast and easy

Apply online 

* We strongly recommend that you file your design online, using the RCD e-filing tool. The online tool has many advantages. Filing an application by fax is not recommended because the quality of the representation of the design(s) may deteriorate in the course of transmission or on receipt by the Office.
Please note, moreover, that it takes up to one month longer to process applications sent by fax. This is because we wait for up to one month (from the date of receipt of the fax transmission) for a confirmation copy before processing the application further. Once this period has elapsed, we proceed with the examination on the basis of the documents on file.

You can take advantage of our lower rates if you file several designs in one application for the same or similar type of products.

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