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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

The five-step form

The Five-step form is designed so that you can easily file an EUTM application using any of 23 European Union (EU) languages.

five-step form

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

To access the Five-step application form navigate to the Trade marks > Route to registration > Apply now section of the website and then click on the blue button Start application.

Start application
  • Drafts (Save application)

    You can stop at any time and save your application in draft format to complete later. Click on Save application in the right-hand column of the application. The draft can be accessed from the Drafts section of your User Area.


Step 1: Trade mark details

  • Languages and reference
    First language

    The first language is chosen on the Apply now page. This can be any of 23 EU languages.

    Second language

    You must provide a second language from one of the five official EUIPO languages (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT). The second language must be different from the first. Please note that your trade mark could be challenged in the second language.

    Select the checkbox if you want to receive official correspondence in your choice of second language.

    Note: if your first language choice is one of the five official EUIPO languages you cannot choose the option to receive official correspondence in your second language. Therefore, the checkbox will not be displayed.

    Personal reference

    References should consist of up to 30 alphanumeric characters, using the Roman alphabet: a-z, A-Z, 0-9. Do not use spaces. For any future queries regarding your trade mark, please use the official EUIPO reference.

    Note: for any future queries to EUIPO regarding your trade mark please use the official EUIPO reference.

  • Types of marks

    You need to choose the type of mark that you want to register. Below is a list of available types:

    Type Formats for attachments (when required)
    Word mark N/A
    Figurative mark JPEG
    Figurative mark containing word elements * JPEG
    Shape mark JPEG, OBJ, STL, X3D
    Shape mark containing word elements * JPEG, OBJ, STL, X3D
    Sound mark JPEG, MP3

    * Note: these trade mark types are not separate categories under the EU trade mark Implementing Regulation. They are, however, differentiated in the Five-step form for practical and technical reasons.

    Read more about types of trade marks in the trade mark definition section.

    The technical information page contains full details on the accepted file formats for the attachments.

    Details required
    You will be asked to submit different information depending on the type of mark you choose to protect.

    Representation of the mark
    It is important that the representation of the mark you are uploading is a proper representation of the mark you want to register and that it clearly defines what protection you are seeking. The representation can be complemented by an indication of the type of mark concerned, and in some cases, by a description. But both, description when available, and indication of type of mark, need to accord with the representation.

    When the representation of the mark is uploaded, the following warning is displayed:

      "EUIPO will publish your mark as it is currently shown. If this does not represent exactly what you want to protect, please correct it before submitting your application"

      "The image has been processed to fulfil the technical criteria."

    Word element(s)
    Only verbal elements visible in the logo must be indicated. If the verbal elements are not correct, the EUIPO will change them directly without sending a communication to that effect.


Step 2: Goods and services

  • Adding goods and services to your application

    To add goods and services to your application click on the Search button.

    A new pop-up window will open. Either type the keyword of the goods and services you want to choose (a drop-down menu will be displayed with auto-complete suggestions) or click on the link to Navigate through all goods and services.

    To view the full scope of a class when navigating through all goods and services, click on the '+' icon Plus icon , to reduce the list, click on the '-' icon Minus icon

    Click on the 'folder' icon Folder icon to view all terms in your chosen class. To add a term to your list, select the checkbox on the left-hand side of the row in the table Selected checkbox icon

    To view your selection of terms and classes, click on the View your selection button.

    When you have selected all the goods and services that you require, click on the Continue button that appears on the View your selection page. You will be redirected to your application where your selection will be displayed.

    Please note that if you want to provide your own list of goods and services you can only do so by using the Advanced form.


Step 3: Similar trade mark(s)

  • Similarity report

    The EUIPO offers a similarity report that compiles a list of trade marks that could affect your application. Earlier trade marks could pose a threat to your application. The list takes into account both the trade mark names and the goods and services applied for.

    Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Your trade mark could be challenged even if no results were returned.

    View results
    A table is displayed with a list of similar trade marks. To view additional information about the results you can click on the magnifying glass icon at the right-hand side of the table view . A new window will open displaying the information in the TMview application.

    A PDF listing the information can be downloaded and saved by clicking on the button Download PDF located below the results table.

    If you are in any doubt about your registration, please seek legal advice from an IP professional.

  • Claims

    Priority claim
    You are asked if you have applied for the same trade mark in the last six months, if you answer no then click on the Next button to continue.

    If you answer yes then you will need to:

    • Select the Country of first filing from the dropdown list
    • Type in the trade mark name (the field will autocomplete if the trade mark details are available in TMview) and click on Import or
    • Enter the details manually by clicking on the Create manually button
    • The EUIPO no longer examines priority claims in substance, but will limit this examination to formal requirements
    • Add the filing date, filing number and country of the previous application
    • Priority claims are now to be filed at together with the EUTM application, and can no longer be made at a later stage
    • The required documentation in support of such claim must be filed within three months of the filing date

    Note: if the supporting documentation (first filing) is not in a language of the EUIPO, you may be requested to translate such documentation.

    Seniority claim
    You are asked if you have already registered the same trade mark at national level within the EU, if you answer no then click on the Next button to continue.

    If you answer yes then you will need to:

    • select the Member State where the mark was registered from the drop-down list.

    • Type in the trade mark name (the field will autocomplete) and click on Import or

    • Enter the details manually by clicking on the Create manually button

    • Select the corresponding option Nature of registration

    • Add the filing date, filing number, registration date and registration number then choose the option to attach the required documents


Step 4: Your details

  • Create an account / Log in

    You will have two options at this point:

    • If you have not registered for an EUIPO account, then you will need to register by clicking on the Create account button
    • If you are an EUIPO account holder, enter your details and click on the Login button

    Your data will then be imported into the form so that you only have to add the missing information (applicant and/or representative data).

    EUTM applications for non-EU residents/companies
    You can apply for an EUTM if you live outside the European Economic Area (EEA), but you will need to appoint a representative.

  • Applicant and Representative

    An applicant and/or a representative can be added by two methods.

    Adding an existing applicant/representative

    Type in the applicant/representative’s name — a list of existing entries will be displayed — make your choice and click on Import. The applicant’s/representative’s details will be shown; click on the Add button to continue. This method can be used if the details have been entered on a previous occasion.

    Adding a new applicant/representative
    1. Enter the details manually by clicking on the Create new button
    2. Select the type of applicant/representative from the drop-down menu
    3. Fill out the rest of the form (mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk *)
    4. Click on the Add button to continue

    *You cannot add a representative if you are filling in the form as an applicant

    Note: if you check the Economic connections option you will have to fill out two additional fields; you will need to add the type of economic connections you have with the applicant (e.g. employee or business partner) and you will also need to add the name of your employer.


    When filing an application on behalf of an association, please enter the association ID only..


Step 5: Confirm and pay

At this stage you will see the draft application that you are about to submit. You still can modify the data before submitting it.

The next step is the payment window where you will have to choose your payment method. If you pay by bank transfer, it is recommended that you take note of the Payment Transaction Code. This can help identify the paymen

  • After submission of the application form

    When the registration process is completed, you will receive confirmation that your application has been correctly submitted and you will receive an official application number.

    Please be aware that you need to register a .eu domain name with an accredited registrar (list available on the Registry website).

    You also have to download your official receipt. Please note that the EUIPO does not issue copies of the receipt.

    For information purposes, the EUIPO provides information about the availability of .eu domain names identical to the trade mark applied for at the end of efiling using the WHOIS database. Alerts can also be set by users in the user area and in eSearch to ensure they are informed when a .eu domain name identical to their trade mark is registered.

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