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Finalist: Small and Emerging Companies Award

MiniFinder Nano

Compact personal safety device

RCD owner and manufacturer: MiniFinder Sweden AB


Designer: Dean Maros

RCD Number: 006343661-0001

About MiniFinder Nano

MiniFinder® Nano is a compact personal safety device. It offers precise GPS tracking and safety solutions that can be customised to the needs of users. This is particularly useful for elderly people, those with cognitive disabilities, children or people who work in vulnerable environments.

MiniFinder Nano is equipped with several smart alarm functions and a long-life battery. The device can send an automatic alarm if the wearer’s pulse exceeds or falls below a preset value, or after a falling accident. It enables the monitoring of the user’s physical condition as well as receiving alarm notifications in case of sudden emergencies.

About the designer

Dean Maros graduated in 2005 from Jönköping University with a degree in Information Technology. He has developed his career in the fields of e-commerce, software development and web design, and is the CEO and founder of MiniFinder Sweden AB.

About the company

MiniFinder Sweden AB is an Internet of Things (IoT) company that develops products and services based on GPS technology. The company was founded in Växjö, Sweden, in November 2012 with the dream of developing technology that helps companies optimise and streamline their vehicle fleet through positioning technology. Today, MiniFinder is a growing business that offers solutions in the areas of e-health, vehicles, assets and animals.




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Minifinder Nano

Minifinder Nano

MiniFinder Sweden AB



StethoMe sp z.o.o.


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