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Change of EUIPO bank account: closure of BBVA account

On 17 February 2018, one of the two bank accounts used by EUIPO to which users can transfer fees, current account replenishments and charges changed.

Users are requested to take note that, from 17 September 2018, the old bank account used by the Office, held in BBVA, will be definitively closed, and all payments made to it will be rejected.


The two bank accounts used by the Office for this purpose are now managed by CaixaBank and Banco Santander:








Alicante (Spain)

ES03 2100 2353 0107 0000 0888


Banco Santander

Alicante (Spain)

ES08 0049 6659 0121 1622 4792



EUIPO’s online e-filing application is fully up to date with this change.

In order to facilitate users, EUIPO has been accepting payments into the old bank account, administered by BBVA, since the changeover date, on an interim basis.

However, from 17 September 2018, the BBVA bank account will be closed. The Office will instruct BBVA to block all incoming payments to the account from that date.

Since 17 February 2018, the date of the changeover, the Office has communicated extensively on this issue. More than 1 000 letters have been sent to users who continued to pay through the BBVA account, informing them of the change, with the result that only 2% of payments received are currently coming through the old account.

Users are kindly asked to take note that, with the definitive closure of the BBVA account, all payments made to it after 17 September will be automatically rejected.

Details of this change are contained in the Communication No 1/2018 of the Executive Director of the Office of 16 February 2018



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