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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


You will need to give us your details when you fill in the registration form.

  • The information given will be used to clearly identify you as the sole proprietor of your design.
  • We may have to contact you if we need additional information either during or after the registration process.

It is very important that you keep us informed of any changes made to your personal details, such as new contact telephone number, etc.

What information should you provide?

If you have previously filed an application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), all you have to do is enter the unique ID that has been assigned to you. We use this number to retrieve your details so there is no need to retype them again.

You can find your EUIPO ID number either in previous EUIPO correspondence or by using the eSearch application.

When you apply for the first time, you will have to provide us with your details. These will then be kept on file for any future correspondence.

You will need to tell us whether you are applying as a company or as an individual

Icon used when the owner is a company formed by a person and a building


If you are a company, you need to provide us with the following details

  • Full name and legal form
  • Country of registration
  • Address
Icon used when the owner is an individual formed by a person


If you are an individual, you need to provide us with the following details

  • Name and surname
  • Nationality
  • Address

In both cases, it is very important that you also provide us with an email address, telephone number and fax number (if applicable) so that we can contact you easily.

Although it is not mandatory, you may also want to cite the designer(s) who created the design. Alternatively, you may want to indicate that the designer (or design team) has waived the right to be cited.

How will EUIPO communicate with you?

The easiest and fastest way to communicate with us is through your online User Area.

Go to User area, the OHIM´s management tool

It provides you with a secure platform from which you can interact with EUIPO electronically.

Please note that we accept emails only for informal, not official, communications.

If you decide not to choose the User Area as your preferred method of communication, EUIPO will communicate with you by fax. If you have not provided us with a fax number, we will communicate with you via the standard postal service.

Is it mandatory to appoint somebody to represent you?

As a matter of principle, applicants do not need to be represented. However, if the proprietor does not have their place of business, a real and effective establishment or their domicile in the European Union (EU), they must appoint a representative for all proceedings before the Office except for the filing of the application.

A representative can be one of the following:

Legal practitioner (or equivalent, depending on the country)

A legal practitioner qualified in one of the EU Member States and with their place of business in the Union. In addition, they have to be entitled to act as a representative in trade mark and/or design matters in that State.

Professional representative

A professional representative whose name appears on the list kept by the office.

Employee of a natural or legal person

An employee of a natural or a legal person having their domicile or principal place of business or a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in the European Union may represent other legal persons provided that the two legal persons have economic connections with each other.

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