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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

Detailed file view

The detailed view of a file

This view displays all available information on a given trade mark or design, including information on owners and representatives, priority and seniority, recordals, oppositions and renewals.

It also allows users to inspect files or request a report on similar trade marks.

  • General information

    To view a search result in detail, click on the name or the '+info' link of the trade mark/design/owner or representative you want to view.

    Trade mark name and +info link

    The detailed view of the search results displays information for one trade mark or design per page.

    The information displayed in the detailed view depends on the active components of the application/registration and will be different depending on whether the application/registration is for a trade mark or a design.

    By default all possible information headers are displayed but the tables below each header will be populated only if there is data available for that trade mark or design.

    View a different search result
    If you want to navigate to another search result you can use the arrow icons at the top of the page.

    Arrow icons

    Return to search results
    To return to the search results click on the link 'Back to search results' to the left of the arrow icons.

    Show/hide information displayed
    Click on the arrow icons below the 'Print' button to hide/show the information displayed by default in the tables.

    Arrow icons

    You can also show or hide each element separately from the button on the right of the headers.

    Buttons to show or hide each element

    Changing the display order
    To change the display order of the elements in the detailed view, click and drag the relevant header to a different position. This option can be useful for viewing and printing.

    How to change the displa order

    Note, however, that if you delete the cookies or if you access the website using a different PC or browser, all sections will return to their default position.

    Set alert
    Click on the 'Set alert' button to create an alert.

    Set alert button

    Click on the 'Print' button to print the details displayed. Please note that only the information displayed, not hidden, will be printed.

  • Certified copies

    Click on the 'Certificate' button to request certified copies of the application form and/or the registration certificate. (N.B.: You must be logged in to do this.) This option is available in the following cases:

    • Where the application has already been published.
    • In the case of an EU trade mark application, where the trade mark has been applied for since 01/01/2008.
    • In the case of an EU trade mark registration certificate, where the registration certificate has been issued since 01/01/2001;
    • For certified copies of an RCD registration certificate.
  • Timeline

    The timeline is a visual representation of the application and/or registration process for a trade mark or design. The different statuses and their related dates are shown in chronological order along the timeline. Timelines are provided for EU trade mark, RCD and opposition procedures.

    If you don't have access to this information, a 'restricted information' message will be displayed.

    If the data cannot be displayed correctly, you will see an 'unavailable' message. You do not need to contact EUIPO about this as the website administrator will be notified automatically.

  • Actions and communications

    This section provides you with the tools for communicating electronically with EUIPO regarding the file selected. The status and/or type of application/registration will dictate which options are shown in this section.

    Possible actions and communications

    General actions Examination Change/update trade mark details
    Inspection of a file Withdrawal Renewal
    Application for customs actions Limitation Total transfer
    Similar trade marks report Extension Partial transfer
      Continuation of proceedings Appointment of representative
      Restitutio in integrum Deletion of representative
      Send third party observations Seniority claim
      Send seniority certificates Request for conversion
  • Correspondence

    All correspondence related to a trade mark is displayed in a table. You can search for a particular item of correspondence by entering text in the search field. The text entered will then be searched for within the Procedure, Filing number, Subject and Date columns.

    You can see whether correspondence was sent by you or by EUIPO in the 'From' column, where the symbol Communications sent by OHIM symbolindicates communications sent by EUIPO and Communications sent by the user symbol communications sent by the user. A PDF of the correspondence can be downloaded by clicking on the icon in the 'Actions' column.

  • Graphic representation

    A graphic representation can only be displayed for designs and for the following types of mark: figurative, 3D, colour, sound and other.

  • Design information

    Information about a registered Community design (RCD) is displayed here. If you are the owner or representative of the file and you are logged in, you can change your application reference number (i.e. the application number chosen by you, not the official application reference number given by EUIPO, by clicking on the blue pen icon and entering the new ID in the corresponding field.)

  • Indication of the product

    This section shows the Locarno class number and the assigned product indication. The indication can be viewed in all official European Union languages at the time of publication of the RCD. To be re-directed to DesignClass, click on the link in the header of this section.

  • Trade mark information

    Information about the European Union trade mark is displayed here. If you are the owner or representative of the file and you are logged in, you can change your application reference number (i.e. the application number chosen by you, not the official EUIPO application reference number) by clicking on the blue pen icon Blue pen icon and entering the new ID in the field displayed. This functionality is not available for International Registrations.

    Learn more about the Nice Classification and the Vienna Classification.

  • Documents

    To download a document, click on the PDF logo. To download multiple documents at the same time, tick the boxes required and click on the 'Download' button that appears in the table (when a box is ticked). Please note that you will need to be logged in to download documents. Note also that, when you download several documents at a time, they will be delivered in a ZIP file.

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