Assessment of the perceptions and behaviours of European citizens, complemented by a focus on the behaviour of 15 to 24 year olds in the online environment and a focus on SME perceptions.

To complete the intelligence gathered in the studies on the contribution of IP to economic performance and employment at industry and company level and in the studies on the economic impact of counterfeiting and piracy, it is also relevant to assess how IP is perceived by consumers and small businesses.




Comprehensive assessment of public perceptions of IP and the relevant drivers of consumers and/or businesses behaviours are essential to support the design of accurate and effective awareness raising initiatives to preserve the integrity and respect for IP.

This assessment is carried out by market research companies, specialised in stakeholder perceptions and public opinion evaluation at European and national level, using large scale comparative methodologies in line with Eurobarometer surveys.


Upcoming studies

Studies on perception will be updated regularly. They will help identify trends in the way EU citizens, and consumers perceive IP and the degree to which they respect it. The studies will also serve as a public opinion monitoring tool at EU level and national level. They will include a specific focus on youngsters and businesses and their general knowledge and perception of IP as well as their awareness of the value of IP and the damages caused by infringement.