The economic cost of IPR infringement in sports goods

The economic cost of IPR infringement in the sports goods sector study looks into direct and indirect industry revenue losses and job losses due to the presence of counterfeit products, as well as their impact on public finance. The study only covers the manufacture of sports goods and does not include the wholesale and retail trade, due to the availability of official public data.


Main findings

  • 6.5% of sales lost by the sector due to counterfeiting
  • €500 million of revenue lost annually by the sector
  • €350 million of sales lost in related sectors
  • 2 800 direct jobs lost
  • 5 800 direct and indirect jobs lost
  • €150 million of government revenue lost (social contributions and taxes)

This study covers the manufacture of sporting and athletic goods, such as golf clubs, tennis rackets and balls, skis, etc. However, it does not include sports apparel (such as football jerseys or baseball caps) that can also be worn as normal clothing. This is included in the clothing and footwear sector study.


It covers the following products:

  • hard, soft and inflatable balls
  • rackets, bats and clubs
  • skis, bindings and poles
  • ski boots
  • sailboards and surfboards
  • requisites for sport fishing, including landing nets
  • requisites for hunting, mountain climbing, etc.
  • leather sports gloves and sports headgear
  • pools for swimming and paddling pools, etc.
  • ice skates, roller skates, etc.
  • bows and crossbows
  • gymnasium, fitness centre or athletic equipment.
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