The economic cost of IPR infringement in the toys and games sector

The economic cost of IPR infringement in the toys and games sector study looks into direct and indirect industry revenue losses and job losses due to the presence of counterfeit products, as well as their impact on public finance. The study only refers to manufacturing and does not include the wholesale and retail trade, due to availability of official public data.


Main findings:

  • 12.3% of sales lost by the sector due to counterfeiting
  • €1.4 billion of revenue lost annually by the sector
  • €850 million of sales lost in related sectors
  • 6 150 direct jobs lost
  • 13 168 direct and indirect jobs lost
  • €370 million of government revenue lost (social contributions and taxes)

The study covers the following products*:

  • Dolls and doll garments
  • Toy animals (such as teddy bears, etc.)
  • Toy musical instruments
  • Electronic games, electrical trains and construction sets
  • Reduced-size models and similar recreational models
  • Wheeled toys designed to be ridden
  • Action figures
  • Board games
  • Puzzles

* Video game consoles, software for video game consoles and bicycles are not included in this study.

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The economic cost of IPR infringement in toys and games

The approach in this study aims to estimate the scale of two major impacts of counterfeiting which cover the direct and indirect costs to industry and the wider costs to government and society.


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