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Call for proposals GR/002/19

Support Intellectual Property Network for Prosecutors

Funding space

The Call for proposals is made up of the following sections

  • The Call notice (short version of the call for proposals) published in the Official Journal in all EU official languages
  • The Call for proposals – Guidelines for applicants and the application package (published only in English)
  • The e-Form link for electronic submission of applications
  • The Questions & answers section



1. Call notice

Call notice GR/002/19 as published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 20/03/2019:

Download PDF


2. Call for proposals

Below you will find the full text of the call for proposals and the application package with instructions and templates on how to submit a proposal.



3. Electronic Application Forms – e-Forms:

Call reference Electronic application Version Released on
GR/002/19 Application e-Form 1,0 20/03/2019


The e-Form is available only in English. The applicant can start the process of creation of the e-Form using the following document: e-Form User Guide
We strongly advise applicants not to wait until the last moment for submitting their on-line application.

After the deadline for submission of applications ends, the online application system will be closed.

As an Applicant, please:

  • read the call for proposals carefully before to start completing your application
  • complete the relevant templates of the application package
  • use the official e-Form. Please fill in the e-Form by referring to the User Guide and don’t forget to also upload the compulsory annexes.
  • submit your application online before the specified deadline. You should receive a confirmation email.
  • save and view your application to which you have applied on your local computer


Technical issues:

If, after referring to the e-Form User Guide you still have a question and/or if you experience a technical problem when submitting your application, please contact directly the mailbox: grants@euipo.europa.eu

4. Questions & answers

Replies to your questions will be published in this section. Therefore, we recommend you to check frequently whether any new information/document is posted.

Please note that

  • the last date for requesting clarifications from the Office is 24/04/2019.
  • the last date on which clarifications are issued by the Office is 26/04/2019.

Questions & answers (click on the question to expand the answer underneath) Date
Point 6.b. defines the eligible activities. In that sense the activities of “Regional conferences, seminars or workshops” and/or “Training activities within a regional perspective” should include participants of at least 4 EU Member States and/or neighbouring countries and the involvement of EUIPO, EUROJUST and UNICRI. Therefore, the activities of the example proposed would be eligible. In any case, an application can be submitted by one applicant or by a consortium of public entities as described in point 6.a.;
The various problems in the Excel sheets were corrected and a new version is now available on the Call for Proposal's webpage.

Policy on granting allowance expenses should be in line with the beneficiary's practice and shouldn't exceed the ceilings indicated in the Budget Form.

The use of the allowances should be governed by the beneficiary'a practice but shouldn't be used to cover expenses already budgeted under another heading.

The ceilings indicated in the Budget Form are indeed maximums and the beneficiary can reduce them as he sees fit.

The expenses related to the activities of speakers could be covered under "other costs" in the budget, as long as they are eligible under the conditions set out in the Call for Proposals.


An indication of how it is foreseen that the event will have a sustainable impact on the fight against IP infringements, including improved networking and transfer of knowledge to relevant stakeholders.

The proposal should balance the projected cost with the event organization itself, including the necessary resources used to achieve a successful and sustainable result.

The activity plan should sumarize the information in section 6 and 3, but detail the different activities carried out to achieve the output, including person-days. That means that "different preparation activities", "the event(s) itself" and "the final reporting of the event" should be summarized in the activity plan.

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