Winner: Small and Emerging Companies Award

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Sound-absorbing panels

RCD owner and manufacturer: Caimi Brevetti S.p.A.

Designers: Alberto Meda, Francesco Meda

RCD Number: 001367262-0019 (-0004 to -0021)

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Designed by father-and-son duo Alberto and Francesco Meda, the Flap sound-absorbing panels are made by Caimi Brevetti, a leading producer of design furniture and accessories for the office and contract market.

The Flap panels are made of polyester with variable density, and their irregular shape allows them to break up sound waves.

The jury appreciated how the product blended visual and tactile elements, and seamlessly bridged interior and industrial design. Notable too was the company’s “sophisticated and intelligent use of the RCD system” through its IP management strategy.

Caimi Brevetti, founded in Italy in 1949, today attributes nearly 70% of its design output to external designers. It is a true design-intensive business, which involves designers in the conception and the definition of its new products as a matter of course.

The company puts a very high premium on research, innovation and experimentation, and through its 67 years of operational life, has accumulated technical and technological experience which it leverages in new product creation.







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Caimi Brevetti


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