3rd IP Mediation Conference

Online event, 22 – 23 March 2021

Following the success of the previous IP Mediation Conferences in 2014 and 2019, we are delighted to announce the third edition of this two-day event which will take place on 22 and 23 March 2021. The EUIPO Boards of Appeal, together with the EUIPO Academy and the International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department of EUIPO, are organising the third IP Mediation Conference, which will be held on 22 March 2021.

The conference takes place virtually. Leading experts from national and international institutions, private practice, accreditation providers, academia and from EUIPO itself will gather to address a wide range of topics in the field of intellectual property mediation.

This third conference in the series, draws on a growing trend in mediation as a dispute resolution method connected to intellectual property. Through panel discussions, audience interaction and real-world examples of IP mediation in practice, the conference will explore the mediation policies in the EU and beyond together with other alternative resolution methods and their combined forms.

Highlights of the conference include:

Mediation policies in the European Union: bringing together mediation experts who come from EU institutions representing policy makers and experts from ADR providers, speakers will shed light on how mediation unfolds from the different perspectives of all parties involved in the process as well as those concerned with the creation and implementation of the pertinent policies in various jurisdictions both inside the EU and beyond.

Mediation and Arbitration: Two Faces of the same coin? both methods, mediation and arbitration, are integrated in national jurisdictions as alternatives for dispute resolution. Consideration will be given to how these methods complement each other in the panoply  of strategies for solving a dispute, and, in particular, how mediation can work as a precursor to arbitration and vice versa, how both methods may even run in parallel, and how the use of hybrids and other means may optimise the dispute resolution process.  

How to resolve International disputes: Mediation and other ADR Services: this session will deal with several types of hybrid mediation processes and will explore the techniques of international cooperation and co-mediation, expert determination, early neutral evaluation and judicial mediation. The panellists will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each technique, as well as its suitability for the resolution of IP-related disputes. The session aims to give visibility to the myriad possibilities which already exist in the field of combined forms of ADR and the benefits they may bring for the resolution of complex conflicts in the field of IP.

Mediation and E-Commerce:  in the globalised world in which we live, the online environment dominates all walks of life and mediation is no exception. This panel will deal with mediation carried out remotely, how it can be used most effectively and how it is being introduced in an ecommerce environment for different business models.

The Singapore Convention and its opportunities/ implications for IP mediation: A fireside panel chat: the Singapore Convention on Mediation introduces a uniform and efficient framework for international settlement agreements resulting from mediation in trans-border commercial disputes. This panel will review the ways in which the Convention is an asset to IP mediation and how enhancing enforcement of settlement agreements will facilitate international trade and commerce.

SME IP rights holders dispute resolution: this session will offer an insight into SME perspectives on the topic of mediation. Additionally, it will highlight the need to manage IP rights effectively when disputes arise in order to promote business and/or maximise the impact of R&D - which may often turn out to be the principal asset of SMEs.

The language of the conference is English, but interpretation into French and Spanish will be provided as well. Please be informed that the places are limited and that the deadline for registrations is 15 March 2021.
The conference will be recorded (sound and video) for training purposes after the event. We assume that by agreeing to take part in the event you are also happy for your potential contribution to be recorded.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

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