Winner: Industry Award

DesignEuropa Awards

Thule Urban Glide

Jogging stroller

RCD owner and manufacturer: Thule IP AB

Designer: In-house, with the support from Veryday (O. Juhlin, P. Reinius, M. Birath)

RCD Number: 002394130 (-0002, -0004, -0006)

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Thule´s designers worked with the Swedish design studio Veryday to incorporate Thule’s design language into the Thule Urban Glide sports stroller ahead of its market launch in 2013.

They came up with a design for a sleek, comfortable and easily manoeuvrable product, which, the jurors underlined, was striking for its balance of function and aesthetic value.

The jury also pointed to the originality of the design, its good technical construction and definition, practicality, social sensitivity and the way it adapts to different lifestyles.

The Thule brand was established in 1942. Under the motto “Bring your life”, Thule globally offers a wide range of premium products for active people that allow them to bring what they care most for – safely, easily and in style. The products are sold in more than 139 countries world-wide.

Today Thule Group has more than 2,000 employees at nine production facilities and more than 35 sales locations all over the world.

As a global brand, Thule is a frequent user of the RCD system, and puts a high premium on design. It considers that the Thule Urban Glide stroller has been very relevant in terms of opening up new market segments, gaining it market visibility and brand recognition.











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