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Protejați-vă mărcile, desenele și modelele industriale în Uniunea Europeană

Protejaţi-vă proprietatea intelectuală în Uniunea Europeană



ianuarie 18, 2022 - Despre EUIPO

Green with… IP

Over the past several years, attention towards and concerns relating to the respect and protection of the environment and the sustainability of production and consumption processes have increased. Related policy initiatives to safeguard the environment and tackle climate change have also intensified globally.


ianuarie 13, 2022 - Despre EUIPO

The EUIPO ranked most innovative IP Office in the world

The Intellectual Property innovation ranking 2021, published by World Trademark Review (WTR), highlights “the EUIPO’s boundary-pushing approach to collaboration and innovation”, the value-added propositions, online capabilities and public outreach efforts.


ianuarie 11, 2022 - Despre EUIPO

Alicante News January 2022

The aim of Alicante News is to provide up-to-date information on EUIPO-related matters, as well as on other general IP issues, to the users of the EU trade mark and design registration systems.


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