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Call for proposals GR/001/15

Support for awareness raising activities about the value of Intellectual Property and the damages of counterfeiting and piracy

Beneficiaries space

On this page, beneficiaries taking part in a funded action will find information and documents relating to the implementation of a project, such as guidelines, reporting documents, logos and templates.

As indicated above, the name of the Office has changed to European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) from 23 March 2016. Consequently, in all contractual documents and guidelines listed below, any reference to ‘Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market' or ‘OHIM' shall be understood, respectively, as a reference to ‘European Union Intellectual Property Office' or ‘EUIPO'.


Contractual documents

Two core models of Grant Agreement are available to successful applicants:



Guidelines for Administrative and Financial Management


This document is located in Annex VI of the Grant Agreement. It contains practical guidelines on:

  • how to manage your project
  • changes in the course of the project
  • contacting the Office
  • financial rules



Beneficiaries of EUIPO's funding are obliged to display a logo and to acknowledge the support received under the relevant grant agreement in all communication and promotional materials.


Logo to use:

Note on graphical file formats:

  • EPS: recommended for professional use and vector programmes
  • PNG: standard image format transparent for general use



Final Reporting templates are split into two parts:

The final implementation report
A word document where you will present your project's objectives & achievements and provide administrative & financial details about the management of your project.
The final financial statement
An Excel workbook where you will declare all costs related to your project as well as the request for final payment.


As the call for proposals has now closed, all the documents below are made available for information purposes only.

The Call for proposals includes three different documents:

  1. The call notice (short version of the call for proposals published in all EU official languages in the Official Journal)
  2. The Call for proposals containing the Priorities, Administrative and Financial information (published only in English)
  3. The Application package containing all documents to be submitted by the deadline indicated in the call (published only in English)


1. Call notice

Call notice GR/001/15 as published in the Official Journal of the European Union:

Download PDF

This call has been published in the Official Journal with the wrong title heading. On pages 2 and 3 the heading should read: ‘ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES OFFICE FOR HARMONIZATION IN THE INTERNAL MARKET'.
For more information see the OJ corrigenda 2015/C 031/09.


2. Call for proposals

Below you will find the full text of the call for proposals with instructions on how to submit a proposal. Please read them carefully before filling in the application package.

Call for proposals GR-001-15



3. Application package:

Below you will find all the documentation you need to submit a call for proposals:


Questions & answers

If you require additional information or if you have specific questions on the application process, you can send an email to the following mailbox:

Replies to your questions will be published in this section. Therefore, we recommend you to check frequently whether any new information/document is posted.


As indicated in the call, the last date on which clarifications are issued by the Office is 11 days before the submission deadline.

Therefore, from 20/03/2015, no more answers to questions are published.



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